There is a bug

Almost every day I get emails like “Hey Michael, on site something looks odd” or “Hello, can you please fix the site, it looks strange on my computer”. Well, sometimes they are more detailed “Bug Reports” than the ones mentioned, but nevertheless, without getting more details about the OS, Browser, … I mostly couldn’t help them in the first step.

So I used to respond them, asking what Browser, Browserversion, OS… they are using to reproduce the error they wanted to tell me, but I soon realized that it’s really hard for most people to provide me with all the details and very time consuming for me to ask again and again.

Therefore I started a little project called “Bugreporter”, which makes it easy for everybody, supplying all the details to me. Nowadays I respond them with “Hey, can you please visit, copy the url and send it back to me”. Once I get the feedback, I simple open the url in my browser and can see all information I want from them.

This simple site is not perfect at the moment, as it’s still missing some detection and I haven’t yet tested it in some older browsers, but it’s already a time and frustration saver for me.

So, if you also get these sort of emails, feel free to fork Bugreporter, adjust the logo and the style to your corporate identity and get browser details the easy way.

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