Browsers and Bugs 01/2015

There are probably more browser bugs than real bugs so I thought why not collect them and give a shout-out to the best ones crossing my way. So, this marks the beginning of a weekly roundup of my favorite browser bugs, best workarounds and other browser bugs related issues. Enjoy! As an extra, I will share tips/features/improvements for testing at the end.

Bugs and Workarounds


Let’s start with a fantastic list of cross-browser flexbox issues and their known workarounds by Philip Walton.
Article and Github Repo

The Chrome CSS Bug That Crashed Our Site

Chrome has issue calculating inset box-shadows with large numbers. Fix will probably land in Chrome 40.

Bug writing guidelines for Firefox

Effective bug reports are the most likely to be fixed. These guidelines explain how to write such reports.

Bugreport from the past (still open)

Bug 129986 (from 2002) – Cached Gif animations don’t reset on reload.

Happy Bugreporter of the week

Debugging and Testing

Animation controls in Devtools (Chrome Canary)

Val Head shares a sceencast showing how to use the animation play/pause and speed control in Devtools.

IE test VMs on modern.IE get a refresh

VMs to help web developers test versions of Internet Explorer

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