Browsers and Bugs 05/2015

Welcome to issue 5 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy testing!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

display: contents

Intent to ship: CSS display:contents in Firefox

A message From Opera to Google

Security Bug in IE11

Serious bug in fully patched Internet Explorer puts user credentials at risk

Chrome continues to fall apart at brisk pace

There are loads of different Chromium-based Android default browsers

Windows Substitutes Helvetica for Arial

Debugging, Testing and more

Introducing node-firefox

A post explaining what node-firefox is and how can it help you superturbocharge your Firefox OS app development

Web Accessibility Toolbar

A new release of the Web Accessibility Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Empty Cache & Hard Reload options in Chrome

The curious case of the disappearing Polish S

One keyboard bug three decades in the making

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