Browsers and Bugs 06/2015

Hello and welcome to #6 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy bug reporting!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Hello HTTP/2, Goodbye SPDY

Chrome plans to gradually roll out support for HTTP/2 in Chrome 40 in the upcoming weeks.

Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones

First preview of Project Spartan for Windows phones.

How browser developers should seek feedback from Web developers

Introducing Firefox Service Worker Builds

Test an early implementation of Service Worker in Firefox and help find bugs

Contributing to Chromium: an illustrated guide

Debugging, Testing and more

Media Query inspector

In Chrome DevTools, toggle Media Query inspector to see media queries from your stylesheets. Right-click for source.

CSS Shapes Editor for Opera DevTools

#a11y inspection functionality

Work in progress to include Accessibility Developer Tools functionality into Chrome DevTools

How to Use Bugzilla to Efficiently Squash Bugs

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