Browsers and Bugs 10/2015

It’s Friday and thus time for a new issue of Browsers and Bugs. Hello and Welcome to number 10. Happy debugging!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Chrome 42 Beta

Among other new features and bugfixes it ships with Push Notifications and an enhanced Add to homescreen function.

Opera 28

What’s new in Opera 28 (based on Chromium 41) for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

Break Up Width IE8

IE8 is already 6 years old and I agree that it’s time to stop supporting it.

Null-check the responsive selector in images

This crashed some sites using img srcset. Aleady fixed in Firefox 38.

Debugging, Testing and more

Dev Consoles Considered Harmful (…for learning) by Kyle Simpson

The dev console in browsers is great, but it’s particularly harmful to the purposes of accurately learning JS. We need a new real-JavaScript-REPL tool, and it needs to land in a browser soon.

Animation Timeline [Video]

Will be available soon in Chrome DevTools.

Firefox DevTools

Developers can now inspect/debug any Firefox Popup.

Chrome Devtools Experiments

To try out the experiments open chrome://flags -> Enable Developer Tools experiments and click “Relaunch Now” at the bottom. After restart, open Devtools, go to settings and have a look at the Experiments Tab. If you want to see all experiments, press Shift 6 times (yes 6, not 7 to activate Developer Options on Android :-)) while the experiments tab is open.


A Chrome DevTools Extension to monitor, browse and filter all DOM changes.

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