Browsers and Bugs 13/2015

Hello and welcome to issue 13 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy debugging and may you find lots of easter eggs this weekend!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Firefox 37

A new version of Firefox was released. Among small new features and bug fixes, they also fixed a 15-year-old bug regarding relative positioning of table cells

WebRTC in WebKit

WebKit is working on implementing WebRTC in WebKit.

Opera for Android

Opera for Android 29 beta replaces off-road mode with a new Turbo mode, offering full HTML5 experience & new compression.

Debugging, Testing and more

Advanced Performance Audits With DevTools

Paul Irish spent some time recently profiling real-world mobile websites including CNet, Time and Google Play.

Browser CSS/JS loading capabilities

Great table showing which browsers support onload, onerror,….

Rendering Performance

A fantastic guide on optimizing Rendering Performance by Paul Lewis

DevTools Console

Chrome DevTools now supports syntax highlighting & improved styling for console.warn & console.error.

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