Browsers and Bugs 15/2015

Hello and welcome to issue 15 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy debugging!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Insecure HTTP

Both Chrome and Firefox will mark HTTP as Non-Secure in the future.

Chrome 43

Connecting to MIDI devices from the web, Permissions API, Upgrading legacy sites to HTTPS and more.

Opera Mini Update

The browser’s update adds a refined menu, a private-browsing mode, and a scalable interface that allows for support on tablets and smartphones.

Emulate push events

In Chrome DevTools there will soon be an “Emulate push event” button.

A 10-year journey of internet on a phone

Debugging, Testing and more

Responsive Design Mode

Tips from Ethan Marcotte about using the Responsive Design Mode in Firefox

DevTools Terminal

Using Your Terminal from Chrome DevTools.


A wrapper for WebPageTest-API that transforms the JSON result data into intuitive and informative human-readable formats.

Building 60 FPS Web Apps

A free course from Paul Lewis about Browser Rendering Optimization.

Firefox OS

You can now debug Firefox OS via WIFI.

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