Browsers and Bugs 17/2015

Another friday, another new issue of Browsers and Bugs. Hello and welcome to number 17. Happy bug reporting!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Hello my name is Edge, Microsoft Edge.

Except from the name they also announced that you will be able to install Chrome/Firefox extension. If you want to know more do a image search 🙂

Dev channel for Chrome on Android

Chrome’s Dev channel allows you to test out your sites using an early version of Chrome to find bugs. If you find a browser bug you might consider reporting it on the Chromium bug tracker.

Opera Turbo

The new version of Opera for Android comes with Opera Turbo mode, automatic text-wrap and other new features.

WebKit Web Platform Status

After Chromium and Internet Explorer now also WebKit has a web platform status page.

Pointer Events

Pointer Events will be enabled in Firefox Nightly builds within the next few weeks.

Debugging, Testing and more

Chrome DevTools

A list of upcoming features including Layout mode, Animations and Color Picker.

Jank Free

Great resources for building smooth web sites.

Chromium accessibility bugs

If you want to get notified about all accessibility bugs in Chromium, here is the way to subscribe.

iOS WebKit Debug Proxy

A DevTools proxy (WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol) for iOS devices (Safari Remote Web Inspector).

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