Monitor load time performance with Piwik

Yesterday I came across this great article about Browser Monitoring at Github and how they use the Navigation Timing API to monitor page performance.

As I use Piwik to analyze and monitor the traffic on my site I thought about a way to combine both to monitor the load time of my site. After some testing, I came up with the following solution.

First of all we define a function to get the load time using the Navigation Timing API:

function getPerfTiming() {
if ( !('performance' in window) || !('timing' in window.performance) || !('navigation' in window.performance)) {
return false;
} else {
var timing = window.performance.timing,
now = new Date().getTime(),
start = timing.navigationStart,

loadTime = (now - start) + "ms";

return {
loadTime: loadTime

Use Piwik to save results

Next we need to change the Piwik code used on the site. We need to define a custom variable before calling piwikTracker.trackPageView().

Using the function from above this looks like the following:

if (getPerfTiming()) {
1, // slot ID - up to 5 custom variables can be used
"loadTime", // name of the custom variable
getPerfTiming().loadTime, // value of the custom variable
"page" // scope - page means it gets send on every page load

Monitor results on your Piwik instance

After logging into your Piwik instance, you can go to Visitors -> Custom Variables to all the variables you defined with piwikTracker.setCustomVariable
Custom Variables in piwik

I implemented this today on my site and I am already really curious how the load time will differ for the users. To monitor other performance aspects like first paint, you can use additional custom variables if you like.

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