Browsers and Bugs 21/2015

Hello and welcome to issue 21 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy bug reporting!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Flexbox bugs

Flexbox gotchas for Android 2.1 – 4.3 (stock browser).

CSS Transform Module Level 2

Intent to Implement: Independent Properties for CSS Transforms (scale, translate, rotate) in Chromium.

SVG sprite

Tests and notes about browser support for referencing an external SVG file in HTML.

Assistive Technologies

Update for IE with future considerations for Assistive Technologies and integrated Accessibility API support in Windows 10 with Edge.

Debugging, Testing and more

W3C developer tools

Various tools and validators to test your site.

Browser testing

So to put it in glib terms, I support every browser …but I optimise for none.

Throttled Thursdays

Throttle your internet connection once a week to embrace the pain of slow sites and improve performance.


Allows savvy developers to chat to a website owner via the browser console.

Friefox DevTools

Access MDN directly within the Firefox DevTools.

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