Browsers and Bugs 22/2015

It’s friday and thus a new round of Browsers and Bugs is ready for you. Hello and welcome to issue 22. Happy bug reporting.

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Chrome 44 Beta

Improvements to Notifications API and promoted add to homescreen

Opera Browsers Overview

There are lots of different Opera browsers with different engines and platform availability – this is a great overview of all of them.

Firefox platform rendering

An overview of features the Firefox platform team is working on.

Debugging, Testing and more

Performance Tools in Firefox DevTools

Firefox Developer Edition features a new performance tool that gives developers a better understanding of what is happening from a performance standpoint within their applications.

Scroll Performance

Sometimes a simple border-radius: 4px can cause scrolling performance issues.

The most exciting part of computer programming

Optimize JavaScript with DevTools

A screencast on how to use the new performance tools in Firefox Devtools to optimize JavaScript.

Heroes of JavaScript and Testing

Please Update Picturefill

If you’re using a version of Picturefill from prior to 2.3.1, please update right away – this is important for the web.

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