Browser bugs are annoying, reporting them can be even more frustrating. It can be quite hard to find information about the right place to report browser bugs and I see questions about this pop up on twitter here and there.

That’s why I started

A place to find information about bug trackers and status pages of various browsers, articles around browser bugs and other useful resources. It’s still in his early state as you can see, but it will hopefully improve over time.

Screenshot of

If you found an error on the site, want to add an article or resource or even want to help me improve the design (Hint: Logo) let me know @justmarkup or open an issue – Your help is highly appreciated.

If you are wondering about the name – Bugspencer – I was quite a big fan of Bud Spencer and his movies, which used to be broadcasted every Sunday in Austria so I changed Bud to Bug and hence the name.

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