Browsers and Bugs 09/2015

by Michael Scharnagl

This article has been updated the last time on March 6, 2015 and the given information may be not accurate anymore. Feel free to contact me on twitter to get more details.

Hello and Welcome to issue 9 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy testing!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Opera Mini

First look at the new Opera Mini beta for Android

Firefox Developer Edition 38

App install banners

Blink – Intent to Implement: API to support web/native app install banners

Mozilla Location Services to replace Google’s geolocation service in Firefox

Shadow DOM

Blink – Intent to Implement: Shadow DOM – closed mode

Debugging, Testing and more

Blackbox JavaScript Source Files

Useful if you want to skip third-party Code while debugging in Chrome


Live Edit JavaScript with Amok


Konsole.js is a On-Screen Debugger/Logger and (optionally) default browser console replacement.

High performance touch interactions

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