Browsers and Bugs 15/2015

by Michael Scharnagl

This article has been updated the last time on April 17, 2015 and the given information may be not accurate anymore. Feel free to contact me on twitter to get more details.

Hello and welcome to issue 15 of Browsers and Bugs. Happy debugging!

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Insecure HTTP

Both Chrome and Firefox will mark HTTP as Non-Secure in the future.

Chrome 43

Connecting to MIDI devices from the web, Permissions API, Upgrading legacy sites to HTTPS and more.

Opera Mini Update

The browser’s update adds a refined menu, a private-browsing mode, and a scalable interface that allows for support on tablets and smartphones.

Emulate push events

In Chrome DevTools there will soon be an “Emulate push event” button.

A 10-year journey of internet on a phone

Debugging, Testing and more

Responsive Design Mode

Tips from Ethan Marcotte about using the Responsive Design Mode in Firefox

DevTools Terminal

Using Your Terminal from Chrome DevTools.


A wrapper for WebPageTest-API that transforms the JSON result data into intuitive and informative human-readable formats.

Building 60 FPS Web Apps

A free course from Paul Lewis about Browser Rendering Optimization.

Firefox OS

You can now debug Firefox OS via WIFI.

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