Browsers and Bugs 24/2015

by Michael Scharnagl

This article has been updated the last time on June 18, 2015 and the given information may be not accurate anymore. Feel free to contact me on twitter to get more details.

Hello and welcome to issue 24 of Browsers and Bugs. As I am in Brighton for Responsive Day Out tomorrow you can enjoy this issue already today. Furthermore, as I am on holiday on an island in Italy starting next week for 10 days there won’t be a new issue the next 2 weeks. Enjoy the summer.

Browsers, Bugs and Workarounds

Building a more interoperable Web with Microsoft Edge

Why user agents are an ever-growing pack of lies; on browsers working around developer errors (eg. correcting charset=”utf8″ to charset=”utf-8″) and much more.

From ASM.JS to WebAssembly

Browser vendors are collaborating on a WebAssembly standard. You can find some more information and FAQ’s in the Gitub Repo.

Firefox; Bug 366324

SVG site icons (favicons, shortcut icons) support

Debugging, Testing and more

Chrome DevTools, Front to Back

Talk from Katie Fenn presented at ScotlandJS


Debug your user’s browser remotely via Chrome DevTools. Read more about in the blog post from Kenneth Auchenberg.


You can no test Microsoft Edge on BrowserStack.

View jQuery and jQuery Live events in Firefox DevTools






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