Browsers and Bugs: The last issue

by Michael Scharnagl

This article has been updated the last time on July 7, 2015 and the given information may be not accurate anymore. Feel free to contact me on twitter to get more details.

I have been publishing a new issue of Browsers and Bugs every Friday for 24 weeks in a row until my vacation two weeks ago. After the break, I wanted to start collecting links and deciding what’s worth adding to the list again these days, but it doesn’t feel right anymore.

I got next to nothing on feedback for any of the published articles and don’t know anymore how to justify 2-4 hours of work a week I usually spent on this. Don’t get me wrong, I never expected a lot of feedback and never thought about turning it viral or making money out of it – I wanted to share links I thought are worth reading, inform people about fixed browser bugs, new browser features, tips for testing and debugging and overall all about Browsers and Bugs.

It was fun, always informing, mostly interesting and never boring to read all the articles, tips and videos and to decide what content fits into Browsers and Bugs.

Looks like it didn’t work as expected.

Maybe it was the name.
Maybe I listed links everybody already read.
Maybe I should have added personal notes for all links.
Maybe I should have published it on another day or time.
Maybe it was me.
Maybe it was you.
Maybe I use maybe too often.

I still have a lot of ideas about Browsers and Bugs and how it might return someday, but right now, I feel better to work on other side projects for the next time.

Have a nice day and please don’t stop writing bug reports, testing new features and share your knowledge to make browsers even better.


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