On the Safari 9.1 release

Earlier this week – January 11, 2016 – Apple announced the release of Safari 9.1 which will be available soon is available now. It ships with exciting features – picture element, fast-tap, CSS variables – to name a few. I was as surprised, as other web developers to see this happen and it makes me happy.

Safari is the new IE

Many web developers have the feeling that Safari is lagging behind other browsers nowadays. On of the reasons is the release cycle of Safari. Until now, a new version of Safari was released only once a year. While other browser vendors release a new version every other month, we – as web developers – had to wait for a long time until features and fixes would land in Safari. I am pleased to see a change happening here and I am looking forward to see more frequent releases in the future.

I am even optimistic now to see Service Worker coming to Safari this year which I wouldn’t have thought it would ever happen a month ago.

And don’t worry, I am sure the internet crowd will soon find another thing which is the new IE.

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