Seven years

On the 31th of January 2012 this site was launched with an article me saying Servus (Hello).

Since then I published 120 more articles and notes and one even explains why this site is named justmarkup.

I still enjoy writing articles about my experience and findings and I always have a big smile in my face when I search for a problem and find an old article I wrote with a solution. I also have the same big smile in my face every time someone shares my article or contacts me telling me they found an article interesting and learned something from it – Thank you!

The site is still using WordPress like it did seven years ago, but this will change in the next months as I am currently switching to a Static Site generator. There will also be a new design (the 3th or 4th one I guess), once this is all ready. Stay tuned.

On to the next seven years!

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