Version Eight

I just released a new version of 🎉 This is now the 8th version of this site and while it is still far from perfect, I decided it is about time to release it anyway.

The eight version of

In terms of layout there isn't much of a change since the last version, but I tried to make it more readable and also improved the design of the code examples and the embed data. I certainly will tweak the design more in the next weeks and also plan to make extra design for some pages - Whenever I find the time for that.

I also decided to not use web fonts for now - mostly because I couldn't decide which one to use, but I definitely plan to use one for recurring visitors in the future.

The biggest change in this version is that it is no longer using WordPress. Instead I now use Eleventy and I am pretty happy about it so far. As I first step I transformed all my WordPress posts to Markdown using puppeteer, and from there I used the Eleventy Base Blog as a starting point.

The main benefits of the switch are that I now can use Markdown for writing (I already did this in the past, but now I don't need to convert to WordPress Posts anymore), and that the performance improved quite a bit.

Lighthouse report for showing 100 points for all sections.

Some may miss the possibility to comment on an article. While I won't bring back regular comments I will implement Webmentions soon and will also show all old comments underneath the article.

You can find the code on Github and if you find anything you want me to change, please open an issue there or let me know on Twitter or via Email.


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