Eleven years

Eleven years ago I published my first article on this site, and it's still alive.


I haven't really published anything in the last year, only five thoughts (notes), but no technical article at all. After spending a lot of time in 2021 working on the Learn Forms course I needed a break from writing, and somehow never managed to get back to writing again.

I hope to get back to writing, but as Max Böck I have reasons why I don't write, mostly time.

Miss writing more and more, so 2023 may be the year I write regularly again.


Like many others I abandoned Twitter last year and use only Mastodon now. This time I didn't want to have the content only there, but also on my site, so created a simple form, which sends my thoughts to a Node.js server, which then kicks off an Eleventy build publishing the content on bits.justmarkup.com. In the form I also have a checkbox to sync to Masto, so If I check this, the thought will also be posted on my Mastodon profile.

It's really minimal, but works fine for me for the moment. Plan to improve the setup though.

Early this year I also decided to only use Social Media only while I work, so I forced myself to have no access to Mastodon on my phone, and can only check it on my laptop.

That's it with my yearly update, stay safe, and keep on being awesome.

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