Twelve years

Twelve years ago I published my first article on this site, and it's still alive (is it?).


I haven't published anything in the last year. Last year I thought I will come back to writing again, but it didn't happen. Maybe I will get back to writing again here, but I just don't know.


I'm also not really active anymore on social media. I do browse through my Mastodon timeline from time to time, but don't post much there.

So, what am I doing all day? Glad you asked. I leased a small piece of land last year to grow vegetables, which was a fantastic experience. This year I started to draw more and more, every day after dinner my daughter and me sit together to draw something. It's interesting how much better you can get by doing something ten minutes a day.

Besides that I enjoy my time with my family and friends.

That's it with my yearly update, stay safe, and keep on being awesome.

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