Eight years

It's been eight years since I launched this site with my first article.

Since then I published 130 more articles and notes and one even explains why this site is named justmarkup.

Last year I wrote that I plan to switch from WordPress to a Static Site generator. This is done now, and this site is now using 11ty and I am more than happy with it. If you are curious, the code behind this very site can be found on Github.

I haven't written a lot last year for various reasons, but now I really enjoy it again and plan to write more frequently this year. There will be more tutorials again how to build accessible, progressive-enhanced stuff as well as my thoughts about web stuff and in general which you can all see in my Notes section.

Oh, and early this year I added an info box underneath each article, about ways to support me. Thanks to everybody reading, sharing and discussing my articles. Thank you.

On to the next eight years!

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